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Flexible Duct Connector
A perfected solution to eliminate noise and vibration in your HVAC duct system for any application.
bulletHigh temperature
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Turning Vanes & Rails 
Designed for strength, efficiency and noise reduction, Cain turning vanes and rails assemble fast for bottom-line performance.

bullet2" and 4-1/2" radius
bulletSingle & Hollow Turning Vanes
bulletPush-on side rails
bulletInstant vane rails
bulletScoop rails
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Damper Hardware
Complete line of quality damper regulators and components for all classifications of ductwork to meet the toughest engineering and quality standards.

bulletDial Regulators 
bulletQuadrant Regulators
bulletDamper bearings
bulletKwiki Hammer-On
bulletMulti & Opposed Blade
bulletElevated Regulators
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Duct Liner Fasteners
Extensively engineered and researched to provide the optimum insulation holding strength.

bullet"Pointer" Weld Pins
bulletSelf Adhesive Hangers 
bullet"Pincher" Mechanical Pins
bulletPins & Clips
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Adhesives & Sealants
For fast-curing, high-strength, flexible bonds in high, medium and low pressure air conditioning duct systems.

bulletSolvent based
bulletSpray, Brush or Roll on 
bulletCanister spray
bulletFast curing
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